Discover the beauties of our land.
Kouros the Archaic God
Unique example of arhaic plastic art of 7th century B.C.

Entering in the Apollon appear right, scattered, the first white houses, while in the interior the Cycladic colour dazzles the traveller, there that the islander houses is more and linked leaving intermediary narrow street (sokakia) according to the traditional Aegean architecture.
The central point of village are the square, which is shaped in semicircle and constitutes structural base round the limits of which are built the houses and the church of Agios Yannis. In the central passage of village exist a lot of traditional shops, where the good-hearted islander tradesmen and restaurateurs offer in the travellers the possibility enjoy the local homemade products and foods, according to the traditional recipes.
Little more beyond is found the small port where dock fishing boats little front they are opened in the sea in order to they throw their nets. Apart from the local fishermen in the space of harbour are assembled also other because in the opening to sea, is found passage of fishes. The small port is protected from a pier made from big rocks.
In the opposite side of harbour and following the direction of semicircle of square, begins the big beach, that erases also this semicircular line, leading Easterly to the mountain Kalogeros, and shaping a marvellous natural harbour. There the visitor is glad the spotless sea and he breathes the vivifying air that emerges from this.
The Apollon is encircled from mountainous volumes, from which other smoothly and other abruptly, extinguish in the sea, offering unusual beauty. Magnificent is the mountainous volume of Kalogeros of Easterly settlement, with ending very abrupt to the sea, in the cape Venetiko. In the taller top of Kalogeros exist the ruins Venetian of castle and across in the western limits of village, above in a small hill, lie undone Archaic Kouros of 7th p.H. century, of 11 meters, giving the history of this place in the centuries.
The Apollon in the visitor, apart from the peacefulness, the calm and the relaxing, that he can give, offers also crowd from natural beauties which does not satisfy the eye.
If you are stood in the point that is found the Kouros, where is open space to sea, under the legs your you will see the Apollon snow-white with the square and his harbour, while opposite the Kalogeros claims her big part your glance, giving a picture of inconceivable beauty.
The mountains of region, as are also the remainder mountains of Naxos, are sponges that store the winter and supply, with waters, countless sources. A such source is the Empoli, in the beginning of coastal street to the Naxos center, near in the Kouro, that contributes by far in the harmony of nature, with the water that get out and provides with water the Apollon. A second source, two-three kilometres from the village and in the central street to Naxos center, where they are the locality called "Haskas", refresh the passerbies and it irrigates the properties of local cultivators.
The meeting the Apollon people with the sea them it does not break away from the contact with the ground. In the points that the village are tied up with the land exist cultivable fields that are worked by local farmers, which passing the natural hindrances, that have the mountainous stony grounds, produce plenty products as fruits, vegetables, legumes, citrus fruits. Local cattle-breeders, still produce meat and marvellous cheese products.
The visitor can find lodging in one from the modern hotels that exist, and with base the Apollon, to make campaigns in the beautiful natural harbours that are met at length of coastal street to Naxos center. Thus it will have the occasion to know their wild beauty, as these have not accepted the intervention of person, maintaining their unique natural configuration.
The months of summertime, local and resorters Apollon, have fun with the traditional dances and the songs, are kneaded with the popular feeling of place and are glad carefree the simple islander life.
And if you live in megalopolis you dispute the daily welfare of city seeing calm simple fisherman or farmer and envy their own life, you will be thought that they would become live there for always. This pictures of Apollon, the provocative nature that roots in is your, the simple good-natured and hospitable persons, is something that you gives call and almost sure will become the visitor and the next year, as so much other.
In the village exist still restaurants, cafeterias, ouzo selling restaurant, super market, kiosk, shop of tourist types, snack bar ensuring thus the comfortable stay in the resorter and visitor.